i just try to breath and believe that i’m just being naive
when i’m feeling down
i try to blend in, give a shit, but i’m just hyperaware
of the corporate society
i dress to impress or perhaps it’s just to seem less
seem less threatening
and wheres the community mentality behind all the fear and the skinned up knees, if you know what i mean

because we’re our own abusers
but we are still humans first

we’re our own abusers
but we are still humans first
i know the mistakes that i made and i’m doing my best to change and stay away from the me that i hate

please don’t let me drown please don’t let me

if we keep hurting each other we’ll never be safe
safe the hate for the systems that keep us asleep and keep themselves in power
we could get better by putting in effort to understand perspectives
or we can keep rolling around in our pain but that won’t make us feel any better, because we’re still hating ourselves

conditioned to rely on others to make us feel whole
positioned to repeat the failures of our forefathers

the weight on my chest is familiar at best
and it’s just another test

the universe is unforgiving and a dick
so we’ll do our best to live


from fail better, heal faster, released August 31, 2017


all rights reserved



fail better, heal faster Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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